Yanhuang art museum held a xu beihong large oil painting art

16/05/2013 00:01


Yanhuang art museum held a xu beihong large oil painting art

On March 8, 2009 to April 10, the founder of Chinese modern art series, xu beihong large art exhibition "will be held in Beijing yanhuang art museum. Previous high-profile minsheng donation action art institutions have finally a heavyweight of the echo.

Yanhuang art museum, the exhibition theme of oil painting reproductions academic research is a new breakthrough of the modernity of Chinese fine arts. Mr. Xu beihong was one of the most outstanding cultural master since the May 4th new culture movement, also is one of the founders of Chinese modern art. He deemed it its duty portrait painting to Renaissance painting, break through the bondage of traditional to modern transformation. To that end, he to the traditional Chinese and western painting with great concentration of research, critically absorbed the essence of traditional Chinese and western painting, and achieve mastery through a comprehensive, formed its own unique style, continuity in Chinese art history, eventually become a generation of master, the tenet represents the progress of important Chinese art career direction.

"Advocated by xu beihong realism road and oil painting style, is the outstanding contribution to Chinese modern art career, is also open in the 20th century Chinese art modernity pursuit is an important choice. Not only that, but he also laid the modern fine arts education system in China, unity and affects a large number of people in the portrait painting circle, training the backbone of China's fine arts, as the xu beihong art educator for a long time the influence of Chinese fine arts is unparalleled. Mr Xu beihong, the pursuit of truth, advocating democracy and science, abound patriotic spirit. His artistic creation, its fundamental goal, it is good, beauty and truth.

According to brand management department, general manager of bank of the people's livelihood, yanhuang art museum curator He Ju star,cheap oil painting yanhuang art museum will be as the basic research of China's modern art of positioning and orientation of the xu beihong art exhibition is on display at the museum launched the first of a series of exhibitions, the continuation of the exhibition will also include Lin Fengmian important exhibition planning, YanWenLiang, Shi Lu, etc. Mr He Ju star is introduced, the xu china oil painting beihong art show for a month, will display Mr Xu beihong more than 80 outstanding works. Including his early sketch: "the horse and groom" and "has", important paintings: "stroke the cat", "sound", "self-portrait", "Sun Duoci", etc., traditional Chinese painting works, "yu gong yi shan", "nine gao fang, in Tokyo," the lion ", "groups", "immediately" and so on. During the exhibition will also be a large conference, invited experts and scholars, the intelligentsia in particular, xu beihong art experts, open discussions and academic lecture series, focuses on Mr. Xu beihong choose modern socialist road in today's meaning.

Yanhuang art museum will take this opportunity to restart the study of Chinese modern art, the direction for the study of the 20 th-century Chinese art opens a new door, thus become the basic research direction for the Chinese museum of art and academic orientation. As a starting point, yanhuang art museum will be more in the future, step by step to complete some important problems in modern fine arts research in China, at the same time will launch "China modern art founder series" and other important exhibition. Starting from the xu beihong, new interpretation in the context of the new in the history of Chinese modern art history you everybody, explore the real meaning of the modernity of Chinese fine arts.