Wu shipu original goods clap 150000 dollars,price of oil painting market dispute

07/10/2013 22:08


Wu shipu original goods clap 150000 dollars,price of oil painting market dispute

Yesterday afternoon, in the SM mall shipu original paintings auction, bidding $110000 worth of 10 meters long oil painting "panoramic view of xiamen," the high price 150000 yuan. Whole sale, a total of 287500 yuan, a total of 36 pieces.
From the auction began and for a long time, many portrait painting people came, many of the painter is to look at market. Chen Jiancong is one of them, in shipu for many years, has ten years of painting experience Chen Jiancong provides eight works this time, his work reached a highest 30000 3, low only 400 yuan. For the first custom oil painting time to participate in the auction, although Chen Jiancong have confidence in his work, but I'm still a little nervous.
Wu shipu painting teacher Chen Jiancong: price according to our like this is about the same, this is also I compare satisfied work, is not is not to say that the price of high and low, is mainly to give us a chance to show.
Auction first orgasm is male fly the ancient oil painting reproductions building figure provided by the company, started 30000 3, after three buyers, clinch a deal finally with 30000 yuan. Accepted the auction activity of oil painting, this paragraph of time how much pieces Chen Jiancong


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auction, he's a landscape "morning Lin" and a "YaGong figure" also took out to 1300 yuan and 800 yuan.
Set the highest bidding auction "panoramic view of xiamen," played, the auctioneer has just a quotation, 18 buyers bidding price, as soon as 110000 yuan, the first time there was a big round of applause, applause immediately stop auctioneer gives a panoramic view of xiamen, the next price 120000 yuan, after the second inquiry, 113 buyers confidence to lift the plate, a big round of applause rang again. Auctioneer inquiry after a short 130000 yuan, 150000 yuan after jumping inquiry, 18 buyer finally lift the plate again, the panoramic view of xiamen

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