Where does that leave digital oil painting,art of science and technology of threshold is very low

20/06/2013 19:17


Where does that leave digital oil painting,art of science and technology of threshold is very low

One number stands for one color, a set of digital converge into a painting, digital coding to map out the mysterious colour, draw out our wonderful portrait painting life, a stage name one digital painting makes me has close relationship with digital oil painting, figure painting is, where does that leave, how far to go? Let us oil painting reproductions into the digital oil painting of a mysterious world...
What is a audience, digital painting?
Digital oil painting was originally made for children. But more and more adults to become the mainstream entertainment consumption. Today, wholesale oil painting no matter the old man, child, or young; No matter women or men, everyone loves this style of leisure. This not only because TuPin species diversity, and because everyone there handmade oil painting is a subconscious painting the desire and ability. And digital painting technology just meets the people deep in the hearts of the be fond of. After see your complete works a lot of people, or get the praise of friends, more have a special liking to this way of custom oil painting leisure.
Second, the digital oil painting


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USES have?
1, can help the old man recreation time. Gave them such a DIY digital painting, sent them boring time.
2, train children's ability and patience. DIY digital painting can improve their understanding of color and aesthetic view, to cultivate children's oil painting ability, and patience to make them more love this world!
3, gifts for friends. Can gift friends finished oil painting reproductions product to express his thoughts, or friends gift products, let them feel the happiness and a sense of achievement.
4, can decorate household. You can hang the finished product in the sitting room, study, bedroom to add artistic atmosphere, can also invite wholesale oil painting friends to visit new house proud to tell them "it was my own painting!" Place on a picture of yourself at home draw oil painting, that is blue!
Three, how many digital oil painting is the product?
Digital oil painting products from size to handmade oil painting distinguish: at present can be divided into a few categories: 10 * 30 cm * 15 cm, 20, 30 * 25 * 25 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm, 40 * 40 * 40 * 100 cm, 60 cm, 120 cm, 60 * 60 * 75 * 150 cm, 60 cm, etc., there is a larger size, like friend, stay tuned. From the varieties are divided into 5 types: 1, the master class work. Brought together Chinese and foreign classic china oil painting masters. 2, character class work. Contains the excellent domestic modern artists. 3, works of art. Contains the foreign outstanding artists. 4, Chinese painting works.



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For the domestic artists painted in all. 5, the high-quality goods class work. Contains many canvas print style works.
Four, the advantages of digital oil painting?
1, exclusive of the works.
2, the diversity of species.
3, product updates quickly.
4, the quality of the product quality.
Five, the digital oil painting market prospects?
Number painting prosperity in digital oil painting is painting and calligraphy in China market, consumer demand for spirit desire strong background arises at the historic moment. Digital oil painting completed the three wishes of the customers:
1, was repeatedly buying today in for painting and calligraphy art, satisfy the masses of consumers with good calligraphy and painting works of art.
2, to satisfy the customers create the desire of the outstanding beautiful works of art.
3, to satisfy the consumers want to create distinctive life atmosphere, reveal personality.
The stage name of digital oil painting product features:
More than 1, digital oil painting style, wide consumer choice brand of digital oil painting. Since the ancient times to buy painting and calligraphy art, consumption is the work content, congenial delight. To reveal personality, absolutely avoid wanhu sadness with a scenery.
2, only belongs to the absolute good works of art can be as the prototype of our products. Guarantee our each work all has the elegant and excellent artistic temperament.
3, the product easy to understand, after our technical personnel and the calligraphy and painting, the joint efforts of professionals ensure that the work of the original style.
4, digital oil painting products very interesting. Can improve the average consumer to painting and calligraphy art appreciation ability. Can be elegantly absolutely outstanding works of art. Can be collect gifts friends and family. If after exercise of digital oil painting, painting you have increased, so it will have market value.
5, this product can train the ability of personal taste and interest in art and the increase of this product you can tap on art potential, improve your ability of art, has just started painting or want to painting friends have unexpected great help.
Six, the stage name digital paintings can bring what benefit for you?
1, painting friends: by using digital oil painting products make your own way of calligraphy, form our own writing style. Makes your work unique to glimpse the door of the master of art. To better appreciate and create art.
2, set up shop friends: sales figures paintings bring direct benefits to you and finished products DaiMai bring you benefits, generation of painting service bring you benefits, framed services bring you benefits, etc., and can operate the digital oil painting've learned more person do things at the same time.

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