Sue new character oil painting: the choice of the white-collar class, small endowment emotional appeal of the good parts

14/05/2013 16:18


Sue new character oil painting: the choice of the white-collar class, small endowment emotional appeal of the good parts

Po Po art network commentator? One's writing in a huge oil painting system, some reduction of realistic life, either fiction, to express emotions and focus on abstract meaning of personality, is flowers, colorful. Among these, the realistic figure paintings depicting the women, just like a pure and fresh quietly elegant of oil painting reproductions jasmine flower, blooming quietly, in silence to move every audience's heart. Bo baby Jane net contemporary artist Sue new characters in the painting, but in all the flowers open in the delicate and charming beauty, refreshing.

As a contemporary artist, Sue new work pay more attention to reflect wholesale oil painting the modern people, especially the modern women in the face of society, family and emotion state, depicting the psychological, reveal personality, age and so on many character oil painting, has become the darling of the hottest on the market. Bo baby portrait painting Jane mall this two character oil painting "blue," and the other Sue new painting is one of the best.

"Blue and white, phoenix," depicts a woman turned and depending on the scenario. The woman dressed in a blue coat in the picture, the navy blue jeans, shawls long hair, is the typical dress of modern city girl. Between cheap oil painting the woman's face, looking back, no "hundred flatters life" so 2) frail, / eyes saying is a kind of firm and tenacious. The half-naked dancing has been nine days engraved on the arm of the phoenix, the phoenix official women's character and the ideal embodiment. Bo baby Jane mall, by contrast, another figure painting works more add a copy of tender feelings and the oil painting thoughts. That woman in the white sheet package, did not mean to go to sleep, toss and turn, tangle like in the work of the chores, and like thinking about personal relationship problems. The tiny corrugated brow furrowed her heart completely come come to light. And the sheet to hide beauty and youth image to become more beautiful, enchanting spectacular.

"Po Po review" in the modern home decoration, more and more people portrait painting tend to be "light is repaired, heavy adornment", so the calligraphy and painting art, especially the oil painting has become the choice of the majority of people are very concerned about. Sue the new character oil painting, for showing superb writing skills oil painting reproductions at the same time, pay attention to reflect the characters in the works of art emotion, sincere and natural, will definitely add artistic atmosphere and small endowment emotional appeal to the adornment that occupy the home.