Shilong will make "oil painting village"

04/05/2013 12:22

Shilong will make "oil painting village"

He Jingtang hired as advisers to the culture.

Will start the cultural town construction in this year? Public cultural services to the nation's top

He Jingtang hired as advisers to the culture, will, zhongshan road, zhongshan memorial QiLouJie modification design

Shilong town, will invest ten million yuan this year held three culture festival

Wen/reporter Li Shaowei? Figure/reporter Shi Zhong mood

"5 years building and cultural boom that meet the needs of the development of economy, the pattern of public cultural services to the nation's top level, the added value of cultural industry is higher than the GDP growth rate of 5%." Yesterday, one of the four famous town in guangdong dongguan shilong released to the media of the newly introduced the implementation scheme of shilong town construction and cultural town, shilong town, will invest 10 million yuan this year to hold 3 culture festival, and in the future in shilong brand festival. Shilong, world expo China pavilion, and the father of He Jingtang shilong culture, has been employed for the consultant, and will host the town zhongshan QiLouJie, zhongshan memorial hall of the repair work.

Published "cultural town implementation plan"

Shilong town cultural development goal: set up 5 years shilong that meet the needs of economic and social development, and culture and the pattern of the great development of prosperity; Build ten minutes "cultural activities", the public cultural service to the nation's top level, to create "national public cultural construction demonstration area"; Cultural development main indicators and comprehensive strength ranked among the top in the city; The added value of cultural industry in the coming five years is growing faster than GDP5 percentage.

For historical and cultural sites, former residence of celebrities, non-material cultural heritage protection and inheritance are summarized as "four project" : name, MingJie, name, and heritage. Included in the Chen Jingkai lifting weights site of the museum of Chinese weightlifting preparation; In shilong railway bridge in one hundred near the site planning and construction "pavilion of railway Bridges of the world" and "railway station museum" in one hundred; Zhongshan memorial hall, zhongshan road to the town QiLouJie, European fairy courtyard dozens of historical relics such as modification, repair, etc.

Scheme also mentioned that the town will be in an "oil painting village" west lake village construction industry base, drive associated with cultural creative industry development, form new economic growth point; For cultural creative industry will also set up a special industrial park, building ecological group of cultural creative industry, product development, film and television industry, TV, the news on TV and animation production into development plans.

Investment of ten million yuan this year to do three holiday

Shilong Wang Jingbo ZhenWei members, shilong will also be a total investment of 10 million yuan this year, held three culture festival. The lunar may hold "Chinese folk culture festival", combined with the original dragon boat culture, the main cultural. Will integrate the famous dragon dance show, show people focused. In addition, there are various forms such as calligraphy, painting, sculpture, the "cultural work" category.

, secretary of the town ZhenWei Huang Guihong, said after the Mid-Autumn festival, chung yeung festival will be held before "to respect cultural festival", which will identify star 10 "filial piety", "top ten happy birthday girl", and asked the old free cantonese operatic performances, tai chi, etc. While "creator mass culture high-quality goods culture festival" will be held before the New Year's day, last week, the shilong units, enterprise own outstanding cultural programmes focus to show citizens.

Building great master He Jingtang hired as advisers to the culture

World expo China pavilion designers, Chinese oil painting academy of engineering, architectural design master He Jingtang is shilong town, dongguan, reporters learned that He Jingtang has already readily employed for shilong town culture consultant, he will act as the town of zhongshan memorial hall, zhongshan road QiLouJie modification design.

He Jingtang thinks, zhongshan memorial hall, zhongshan road reconstruction must be "repair the old as before". "If those historic buildings are torn down, the value of shilong no root. Zhongshan road QiLouJie has distinguishing feature very much, is a very good history heritage."

He Jingtang thought, not only to do after the transformation can feel the original flavor, but also the distinctive distribution of traditional culture and technology, make the whole area in addition to its cultural characteristics, and content. Under the precondition of keeping the integrity of the historic character, perfect traffic and supporting facilities, and increase public leisure space.

Shilong will imitate the dafen?

Shilong town: not the way it is

Plan was released, the biggest concern is shilong planning construction "oil painting village of west lake", it is easy to imagine that shenzhen dafen. Shilong Wang Jingbo ZhenWei members according to this, shilong in west lake, i. "oil painting village" does not want to imitate dafen, is not unrealistic reckless, but already have the basis.

"In the 1980 s there was thousands of artist diaspora in the west lake village, since the number is increasing, but we haven't provide a platform, we think together may achieve an unexpected effect." Wang Jingbo said, shilong area advantage is very obvious, the new is located in shilong dongguan railway station, the traffic is very convenient, will be able to attract people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to do business, residence or travel.

Shilong construction, and oil painting village, is not primarily from the economic consideration. Wang Jingbo says, the success of cultural industry, not only can drive the economy increase, still has a lot of social benefits.