Shanghai oil painting auction:market regulation works price trend is obvious

07/10/2013 22:03


Shanghai oil painting auction:market regulation works price trend is obvious

In the spring of 2006 art auction in the Beijing area of each big shot just ran out, the major auction houses in Shanghai has launched a special have distinguishing feature each auction. From the field of "painting and contemporary art",portrait painting market regulation and control the trend of prices is quite obvious.
Shanghai jia tai the launched two special about "oil painting and contemporary art", among them, the "western art - Chinese contemporary oil painting, sculpture," special 178 make paintings and sculptures on, a total turnover of 27.75795 million custom oil painting yuan, sell-through rate of 90%. And another "western arts - early Chinese oil painting" works, with 73 pieces of turnover is 9.60267 million yuan, sell-through rate of 96%. From the auction results, although sell-through rate is higher, but from the special turnover and sale price is not very ideal, in the "modern oil painting, sculpture," special oil painting reproductions performance, more than one million yuan, a total of 6 pieces of works, and the price is still a realistic oil painting works is given priority to, make a price of Chen "time flies" clinch a deal valence is 1.98 million yuan, in addition the ai the stranger to clinch a deal valence is 1.43 million yuan, Chen two pieces of "home" and "hometown JiangSheng" clinch a deal valence is 1.32 million yuan. In "early Chinese oil painting" special performance, wu guanzhong, liu haisu, xu beihong early artist,   

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 works such as paintings and drawings are at field, one of wu guanzhong "island fishing sail" (1976) to 2.2 million yuan.
Shanghai hongsheng special "Chinese oil painting sculpture", a total of 183 pieces of works, a total turnover of 60.7959 million yuan, sell-through rate is 81%, the special work of the high price is more, one of the highest price work for Chen CV 18 spring warm hit 11 million yuan, zhou chunya "rock figure" clinch a deal valence is 4.4 million yuan, other such as Lin Fengmian paintings, sculpture of ju Ming also clinchs a deal with the price of one million yuan of above, and some other works of clinch a deal valence is generally in the tens of thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan price range, high and low price.
ShangHaiDao Ming "Chinese oil painting" special launch work is given priority to with young and middle-aged artists paintings, although turnover and sell-through rate is low, but there is no lack of some works with several times higher than estimate price, clinch a deal the special roll out 79, 62, the total turnover of 7.2897 million yuan, sell-through rate of 78%. Among them, luo zhongli "rain" (1994) clinch a deal valence is 1994 yuan, Yin "hero away" (2000) clinch a deal valence is 2000 yuan, 2 to 3 times higher than estimate, the Xia Junna HuaXieYu 2 (1999) to 495000 yuan.
In general, spring sales in Shanghai each big "oil painting and contemporary art" special auction results are not very satisfactory. It is important to note that the field of oil painting get some original auction, promising artists and works of some of the clinch a deal the price also is in commonly valuations of less than, shoot in the works is not very surprising. According to the growth of art market status and operating rules of its own, the market will use their own means to regulate certain types or an artist's work in the market's capacity. Because of limited capital always enter the art market, the market also has certain limitation of accomodation, if the market in a certain type of auction price growth is too large, the market will mediate in its own way, the performance will appear in the art market trade shrank, the increased flow table work situation. But in this way, the art of art's own value and economic value and how to guarantee? This problem could be solved in the auction market, because the auction market will use "evaluation system" to control prices, so they don't like stocks artwork clinch a deal valence unlimited fell, clinch a deal valence will not below the floor price, and the holder of a work can wait until again when the price picks up, thus the market capacity is limited to maintain the value of the original works of art. The transaction results from the field, especially the huge rise in recent years, oil painting art market, and contemporary art market has since 2003 and the era of high price gradually appear in the spring of 2006, the risk of the market itself is no longer with profiteering hero, but entered the era of yield is stable

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