Shanghai auction of oil paintings, Chinese oil painting masters exhibition tomorrow

06/08/2013 21:09


Shanghai auction of oil paintings, Chinese oil painting masters exhibition tomorrow

The water pearl zhouzhuang --, masters of Chinese oil painting exhibition "held in Shanghai library tomorrow, roll over 5 days. Fair portrait painting showcasing XiaoFeng, Liang Yulong, such as cost, Qin Wenqing nine painter elaborate creation more than 60 works, "build", "FuAnQiao", "zhang hall", "fan oil painting reproductions building", such as picture, both shows the beauty of zhouzhuang, also let people feel the artist's zhouzhuang. Exhibition by the Chinese artists association,wholesale oil painting zhouzhuang, Shanghai light rain culture of the people's government of performing arts company co-sponsored, 29, Shanghai library will also be a sign painter sales brochures. (liberation daily)

Recently, shen painting auction. Because the painting not only has good ornamental and collections as a new investment project is the custom oil painting meteoric rise of Shanghai has a painting investment boom. In Shanghai, "John," oil painting auction, famous academic painting bow is professor of art fair exhibition "the wind of handmade oil painting the king" with 22000 yuan price decide mallet. The third generation of Chinese oil painting outstanding painter GeShuQing "path" and "autumn of reed sea" 11000 yuan and 23000 yuan respectively, so as to clinch a deal valence. At the same time according to the statistics of 500 yuan to 1500 yuan price of original oil painting more favor by the buyer. Market hot drew more auctions. On December 26, a large special famous oil painting of the traditional Chinese painting large auction will be in the middle of the longevity and xikang road green space pavilion for the hammer. China special emphasis on its third generation of outstanding painter GeShuQing, Qin Baoli, li more participate in the fair, Shanghai international art exposition, the capital of Beijing international art exposition exhibition products. At the same time, special Chinese painting and calligraphy masters, including painting master Liu Yanshao, Cheng Shifa, Wu Qingxia, Huang Zhou, Han Min, hui, wang jun, Zhao Hongben, Lin Ximing, Cao Jianlou, YanMeiHua excellent works. (liberation daily)

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father Mr Xu beihong's 1935, oil paintings but has not,that oil painting reproductions is to be a friend to the father oilpaintingwholesalefromchin oil painting you hua , B ,you hua ,had to oil paintings redraw a picture again, later named" the moon "." Source: the art newspaper.