RongBaoChun pat trading more than ninety percent of oil paintings,economy presents new situation

24/08/2013 13:34


RongBaoChun pat trading more than ninety percent of oil paintings,economy presents new situation
Learned from RongBao auction that RongBao oil painting on May 14, 2006 spring shoot to more than 170 million the total price of dropping the hammer. Contemporary painting and calligraphy and painting of "very good", oil painting sell-through portrait painting rate of 90.27%; Modern fine art still popular, but the sell-through rate of 60% is markedly lower than the other varieties.
Contemporary oil painting, calligraphy and painting oil painting reproductions rally strongly
Due to begin in the second half of last year, the modern wholesale oil painting calligraphy and painting began to weaken, so oil painting and contemporary painting market potential is each big auction company as a top priority for the year, as an indicator of market of auction of domestic RongBaoChun beat expectations, painting and handmade oil painting contemporary painting has much work to refresh the previous record. The oil painting has achieved 53.185 million dollar clinch a deal amount, contemporary art, and made a turnover of 3729 yuan, closing 90.27% widely katyn "steel, sweat" series of bohai clinchs custom oil painting a deal with the high price of 5.61 million yuan, to refresh its $660000 to clinch a deal before the party secretary, has become the highest in spring sale. This work in the custom portrait salesroom is competitive, just a few degrees jump valence, drew applause, clinch a deal finally with 5.61 million yuan. Shi Ji "ocean's palace" clinch a deal with the cheap oil painting high price of 3.355 million yuan, breaking the previous the hometown of the hand painted oil painting serfs in '05 autumn sales hit a record 1.76 million yuan of clinch a deal.
Buyers to modern painting and calligraphy masters boutique

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auction people told reporters that the modern painting and calligraphy master is still to focus on quality, prices continue to rise, while the mediocrity and social work face price adjustment. Modern calligraphy and painting has been the protagonist in the market, especially after 2003 to 2005, the height of the identity, despite the current modern calligraphy and painting has reached a peak period of price, but the new buyers and money is still straight to master the high-quality goods, the buyer is very persistent in the bidding process, to master the confidence of the high-quality goods is better than a change of the market.
In terms of modern calligraphy and painting, the traditional Chinese painting "lotus" Lin Fengmian after several rounds of fierce competition, clinch a deal finally with 3.96 million yuan price. The work and the beginning of April this year sotheby's Hong Kong spring auction clinchs a deal with 7.844 million yuan, and the price of oil painting "lotus pond" has the same place, but it is half price, reflect the price gap between domestic and international market.
In addition, wu guanzhong "terraces", "nine aromatic copies" of qi baishi, Huang Zhou "song and dance in xinjiang figure", xu beihong's horse, Lin Fengmian ShuangHe etc are clinch a deal with the price of millions. (Beijing)

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