Red oil painting into new hot spot is necessity of development of Chinese art

24/08/2013 13:39


Red oil painting into new hot spot is necessity of development of Chinese art
Recently, the oil painting auction portrait painting markets red hot. Reporter discovery, huachen, Christine lagarde, tripod, etc in custom portrait the auction company has red classical oil painting.
  reporter discovery, will be held this oil painting reproductions month 25 to 27, the tripod in the spring auction company, have a meeting with chairman MAO zedong, "scientists" on the beat. This oil painting is in the 1970 s, famous wholesale oil painting painter Sun Wenchao created in honor of chairman MAO's death, the theme is handmade oil painting of chairman MAO li siguang and qian xuesen, the care of the older generation of scientists.
  will be held on June 3 to 5 of her spring auction company, there will be a picture of a famous leader portrait painter Wei Chu to the custom oil painting creation of "MAO zedong in zhongnanhai" appearance. Picture of chairman MAO's sitting on a sofa, holding a pencil, there is a map out of the world, around the background is cheap oil painting a huge bookshelves. And a picture of a Lv Enyi creation "kind of teaching", describes MAO zedong met with public security warrior.
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expert introduction, red classic hand painted oil painting collection is becoming a new hot spot. In spring 2005, Shen Yaoyi painting the heart and blood, clinch a deal for 6.27 million yuan, clinch a deal the red classic oil paintings record. In the autumn, Chen Yanning "chairman MAO visited guangdong rural" created a new record with 10.12 million yuan price.
  red classical oil painting art level is higher, and has the modern oil painting no historical data value. The central academy of fine arts professor Shao Dazhen evaluation way: "from today's point of view these works, the impress of times of content and form deeply engraved, estimation and the technique of expression seems to be very far from us. But the historical value of these works is self-evident, it is the art of the era's people's feelings."
  art director liu tong tong ding company introduce, in the 67 years ago, the red theme is the collection of paintings is relatively easy, but over the years, the collection of this kind of collection has entered the difficult times. Especially in the early years of making some excellent work, are collectors, reluctant to sell. (Beijing daily messenger)

conference) tower 2, no. 3 (the net)classical painting oil painting reproductions paintings handpaintedoilpaintingreproductionsfromchinaartsupplierfa amplification, can also according to the pencil portrait drawing customer to provide oil painting personalized photo into oil painting reproductions a large oil painting oil painting "restructuring". (the yangzi you hua evening news net you hua Sun Zhongna/taken)