Realistic oil painting is a kind of widespread use of nature work for art

07/11/2013 22:56


Realistic oil painting is a kind of widespread use of nature  work for art

In the theoretical system of marxism literature and art, was identified as a kind of realism associated with historical logic or the objective custom family portrait law of the creation of the objective method. So, as a reflection of the truth of history and logic requirements, constitute the premise and basic principle of the spirit of realism. On creation method it is embodied in a realistic form truthfully reflect the real life, that is "real" or "reproducing life". The authenticity of realism principle, has its theory foundation of essentialism. In Hegel's view, history is "absolute idea" show ego and self-actualization. In his dialectics thinking history, think the phenomenon and essence is the unity of opposites, phenomenon is the expression of the essence, nature will show the phenomenon. Marx took Hegel's "head site" upside down "phenomenon nature" framework become absolute spirit as the objective laws, to realism emphasizes provides reason to reflect the truth of life phenomena. That is to say, only the first truly reflects life in the form of realistic phenomenon, is possible through the phenomenon of objective reappear reveals the essence of hidden among them or objective laws. As a result, all the realistic form of so-called formalism, as not truthfully convey the real life phenomenon that method, first of all, were refused by the realism.
However, theoretically, truthfully reflect the objective oil painting USA reality is certainly ruled out any social purpose or intent. Such as specific to the situation in contemporary China, only truly reproduce the art of life phenomenon, must be ruled out for the state ideology of common theme of the narrative, is also impossible to spread idealism political beliefs, arouse the enthusiasm for the romantic social and cultivate the spirit of heroic personality sacred mission. Therefore, the ideological realism must emphasize another fundamental principle, typical principle. As Engels said: "realism, in addition to the details of the real, but also truly represent the typical character in typical environment." Were, in fact, the so-called typical should have or will be in accordance with the social reality to describe some state, or according to the described the ideal state of power discourse. "In literary works, reflect life can and should be higher than ordinary real life, more intense, more concentrated, more typical, more ideal, so more universality." MAO zedong's "speech in the yanan literature and art symposium" in this passage, the typical principle to express the most understand

to extremes, thus to social harmony and cultural ecosystem play a positive role in adjusting

such as harmony, clarity, oil painting preciseness, universality and idealism. Because classical highly exalted ancient art, classic one oil painting word (" classical "or" classic ") is sometimes used to refer to one of the best oil paintings things of its kin