Opened on memorial wu guanzhong classic oil painting collection

18/05/2013 14:06


Opened on memorial wu guanzhong classic oil painting collection

Memorial wu guanzhong classic collection exhibition kicked off in new poly plaza. Tsinghua university academy of fine arts professor, the CPPCC national committee Yuan Yunfu, Singapore can hide the gallery consultants Fang Yuren, professor, vice President of tsinghua university academy of fine arts, Lu Xinghua, associate professor of central academy of fine arts, director of the centre for the study of Chinese modern and contemporary fine arts literature Zhao Li, famous Chinese artist, wu guanzhong students Zhao Zhunwang guests speak successively during the opening ceremony

On June 25, one of the representative of modern Chinese painting painters in the 20th century, wu guanzhong died. See ye wu was once charged posterity "in my work I find me, I will live in my work". In order to achieve the wu this bucket, poly art museum, Beijing poly international auction co., LTD and joint planning of the exhibition, the exhibition provided by the collectors at home and abroad hundreds of wu wu classic works have their own work is kite "must be able to lift-off kites, but the kite can't break line, this line, is long-distance romance works with people's feelings on a line of line, is the related works and enlightenment to the inspiration of lines, the line between the break with constantly tend to step on the line edge, if only based on the continuous line category. Can make wu, this two months before he left us, the social from all walks of life in a variety of ways spontaneously remember all the life in the profession and dedication master of art, and collectors group with in the process of the exhibition organizing dedication, with practical action to comfort the soul of wu.

Poly auction teamed up with poly art oil painting museum in early July to global collect wu works exhibition invitation, collector response is extremely intense, contact transportation of phone calls and e-mails in an endless oil painting stream, within a month of time, the exhibition is included to wu the representative work of each period, among oil painting reproductions them not lack like "jiaohe city", "parrot paradise", "hibiscus", "the grand canyon", "double goose" and so on well-known classic, also like a giant "Yangtze river Wan Litu" ink such as wu changjiang theme is one of the three works rare.

Because hundreds of the exhibition portrait painting works of wu, was worth more than $one billion by conservative estimates, thus involving more than 6000 ten wholesale oil painting thousand yuan of insurance cost, considering that this is a free and open pure commonweal exhibition, collectors not only offer items, and rarefied bit high premiums, from these collectors, we see the works of wu selfless donation shadow, wu's spirit and thoughts will never leave his work, kite line is never broken.