Oil paintings with creative totally, so deals and value, to talk about oil painting the revitalization of village

13/05/2013 11:40


Oil paintings with creative totally, so deals and value, to talk about oil painting the revitalization of village

Art and market here and docking, talent and wealth conversion here.

Today, the first China (shenzhen) dafen oil painting exhibition international fair (hereinafter referred to as painting expo) will, from the 3rd of this month to the art of trading party, drawn from across Europe, southeast Asia, the Middle East, the United States, and Hong Kong, Macao and other regions of the merchants, dafen, yiwu, xiamen, putian xianyou, such as the five major involved in commodity trading oil painting production base and issued the declaration of dafen, hundreds oil painting of world famous paintings copying exhibition, dafen oil painting creative competition exhibition, oil painting fair of commodity, creative work + original paintings auction, hundreds of original artists exhibition, China commodity summit and other activities colorful oil painting industry. China chief executive of the Macao special administrative region chui, national culture and vice minister gao visited the expo. If on behalf of the shenzhen exhibition expo, dafen won global attention and reached a new peak in the development of, so, fair the first picture, is that after the expo dafen luxuriant turned, more into a ladder.

In shenzhen, longgang district, the district government's strong support of oil painting reproductions the municipal party committee, under the first drawing exposition achieved great social benefits and economic benefits, the dots of the activity, we are also feeling the pulse of dafen growth and change.


Development and integration

The international

Painting expo, will stand out from the opening ceremony, costume dance girl wholesale oil painting with ceramic Musical Instruments, at the same time on both sides of the stage two painters scene painted oil painting, cut the ribbon guests each color pigments from the cup slowly into the starter dafen local painters created a colorful painting slowly rendered in dafen oil painting square stage.

Each link is free and easy, and distinctive, highly integration features at the same time, perhaps this is the international source, the entire painting expo highlights international.

At the opening ceremony, dafen holding foreign exchanges and cooperation oil painting with China international culture communication center of the signing ceremony, dafen oil painting village will take advantage of China a strategic platform for the international culture communication center, further out of China, towards the world. From Europe, southeast Asia, the Middle East, the United States, and Hong Kong, Macao and other regions of the merchants to come to purchase oil paintings, dafen, yiwu, xiamen, putian xianyou, such as the commodity trading oil painting production base, head of the representatives of enterprises and to participate in the fair, and build the booth at trade fairs.

Expo trade show in the picture, in dafen art museum stop viewing audience, always see the blonde foreign friends, this is our eyes of the international.

In the conversation, with attending art dealer to reporters, they talk about portrait painting the business all over the world such as the United States, Japan, the united Arab emirates (uae), at the scene also has the United States, Italy, Britain and other countries customers also come to procurement, the growth of dafen, is established on the basis of international trade.

In exhibition work, have a copy of the world famous paintings, has a local painter's works of different styles, from Russian painters exhibition, digest, dafen is international quality.

As the important part of painting expo, China commodity painting industry summit, dafen art industry association, yiwu painting industry association, xiamen oil painting industry association, putian xianyou painting industry association, painting oil painting industry association and other domestic goods five giant collective appearance, for the first time issued the declaration of dafen, manifesto proposes to "actively collaboration to develop markets at home and abroad, set up domestic sales platform, to build industry brands, expand international market share and influence."

Predictably, a year after the exposition of the picture, the whole industry chain will create transformation, become a "catalyst" dafen to expand the international market.


Professional and creative

The more valuable

On December 12, 101 original dafen oil painters appeared fine paintings "dafen original paintings auction", the auction is intense, sell-through rate is as high as 98%. The auctions could fetch nearly 550 yuan.

A total of 101 works in the auction, the theme is rich, diverse techniques, Guo Zeguang home in phoenix, Han Liping "rhyme of spring", Li Zhenyu "town", started in 100000 yuan of above, are sought after by buyers. The dafen art industry association of art director, dafen artist association, vice chairman of Ma Yingliang went unsold works "shambhala spring", in the base price of 650000 yuan or, after a lot of bidding clinch a deal finally with 1.05 million yuan, became the highest this auction completion price.

Dafen is held original works auction last year, total sales more than 160 160 yuan, a sell-through rate of 76%.

Compare two sets of Numbers, dafen exposition held by picture, its quality and value, market recognition in leap ascension.