Oil painting road story,success is always filled with endless frustrations

09/10/2013 21:08


Oil painting road story,success is always filled with endless frustrations

In Shanghai in the middle of the antique city tea oil painting house, on the wall hangs a picture of a French painter karmi, pissarro painting "road", but it is not the original, but rather famous movie artist Qin Yi crippled child, Kim on April 16, 2005 copy of the works.
Karmi, pissarro (1830-1903) with manet, monet for French impressionist painting create characters, beginning painter merry bei painting from Denmark, after all. His major works shows the rural landscape, French farmhouse, fields, the trail became the artistic genius to describe object, seek and performance of the pastoral poetry and simple beauty. "The road" is the painter work is created in 1877, it with thick brush strokes portrait painting and strong colors, shows a road in the countryside, France road on both sides have houses, walls, trees, fields, and the blue sky white clouds, so as to give a person the aesthetic feeling of a kind of simple and stable. Jin Jie copying work, it is at this point fully demonstrated the spirit and style of the original brush strokes, combined with a more disabled people in the pursuit of the ideal.
Jin Jie Qin Yi his son, because of mental illness as a disabled. A few years ago, Qin Yi found son "younger brother" the attention of more and more wholesale oil painting unable to concentrate, reading newspaper and watching TV, don't fidget in a few minutes. Accidentally, Qin Yi found again, "little brother" old love graffito of the scribble on the paper. Information such as silk, the mother of even trying to hire a painter to teach painting, can not think of a "little brother" talent from the unstoppable, and achievements of ordinary people is hard to imagine.



One night in May 2002, Shanghai portman hotel held a charity auction, Qin Yi with Jin Jie attend together. Results of Jin Jie watercolor painting "hengshan park", by the international film star Mr Schwarzenegger for $25000. Since then, the title of Jin Jie also got around.
July 23 this year, "a collection does not forget charity" silent auction activities held in middle antique city. This is the collection of Shanghai society for the 20th anniversary of the establishment on society by charitable activities. Shanghai hundreds of collectors who involved in the love, the money will be in the old revolutionary base areas in jiangxi province HengFeng longmen town endowed a collection in Shanghai hope primary school. 85 - year - old Qin Yi attended Shanghai folk collectors this charity activity, at the same time bring the son Jin Jie last copy pissarro painting "the road". In applauses, charms, general manager of antique city Xu Wenjiang with 20000 yuan of the picture, and Qin Yi this money on the spot to the "collection does not forget charity activities. The old artist's noble feelings, let all the people present extremely touched, as well as Shanghai folk collection leave a much-told story

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