"Music painting series" carried out on Sunday with your eyes "listen to" music

05/05/2013 10:36

"Music painting series" carried out on Sunday with your eyes "listen to" music

According to the Shanghai morning post reports, music also is to have the colour. Separate for three years, Shanghai famous painter JiTie geminal cana t music oil painting series in this spring. This Sunday afternoon, the visible melody - JiTie accompanying music painting series ii "will be carried out in Shanghai tower, the audience again in the beautiful colors of" listening "and moving melody.

Opening ceremony will be held in the famous pianist XieJingXian etc started in the music. Debussy, Chopin "rain", "moonlight" Tchaikovsky, cantabile andante "clarinet concerto k622 second movement", Mozart massenet the meditations, gram than Kerr pierced the morning light, and the Chinese living museum "plum three lane" will be staged, and all music playing at the scene to find the corresponding drawings. Three years ago, JiTie kai was held in Shanghai concert hall "visible melody, music oil painting exhibition", the novel style have gained good reputation like tide. Asked about the inspiration, the painter said, "is derived from the feeling to listen to music while driving to and from work every day". JiTie geminal painting is visible in the Chinese literati's character. With a famous painter Zhang Guiming, JiTie accompanying music painting painting style has been formed, and each image is not repeated. Artists and critics Gong Yun table with a "surprise" to describe for this batch of the look and feel of the new canvas art, in his view, JiTie accompanying music painting, with its rich fickle painting language and profound artistic connotation, provide to understand a variety of possible, "his music painting eventually need lovers enjoy music and painting".