Mission hills mirror sea, macau Macao art oil painting art museum collection show

16/05/2013 00:05


Mission hills mirror sea, macau Macao art oil painting art museum collection show

For the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 2009, marking the 10th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland and to promote the mainland and the Macao cultural and artistic exchanges, China art portrait painting museum, macau museum of art, jointly organized the "mirror sea, mission hills ─ ─ the Macao museum of art collection of Macao art exhibition", in national art museum of China oil painting reproductions in the 19th century history painting of macau, macau, Macao contemporary watercolor painting paintings, as well as the mainland artist creative paintings for Macao's return to the motherland, a total of 300.

The mid-16th century, macau for foreign custom oil painting missions and businessmen to expand trade of arteries, many western painters of Macao into mainland China. Macau streets, buildings, churches, temples, and folk customs caused the oil painting painter's creative inspiration, through the brush from different angles show the macau's unique flavor. Is exhibited exhibition 60 in Macao, the pearl river delta and coastal areas in China at that time view about work, for the study of macau, guangzhou and other coastal areas of China's modern history provides a vivid and clear image data.

Macau is Chinese and western literary oil painting reproductions and artistic communication melting pot. In 1825 British artist George - money, to Australia, was highly regarded in Britain watercolor to macau, will promote the development of watercolor painting in macau, and become the mainstream of macau in the 20th century painting. Exhibition by the modern western painters that macau 119 Macao watercolor painting wholesale oil painting artists, audiences can see 19 to 21 century macau city during the period of change.

Macao city modern age in the 1980 s, for the macau art development brings new thinking and creative power. Many from mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore, Australia, Russia, Portugal, the painter has settled in Macao, portrait painting with the local Chinese, and native Portuguese in macau Portuguese descent artists together, mutual penetration of eastern and western cultures in macau environment exploring creative inspiration. Is exhibition 117 Macao contemporary paintings on display at the same time, the creation reflects the macau artist's humanistic care as well as rapid changes in response to china oil painting the society, also present a strong personal artistic style.

The organizer hopes through the "mirror sea mission hills" exhibition, to the mainland people show macau change in the natural and cultural landscape, as well as hundreds of years in Chinese and western culture under the impact of Macao art development situation; Through which let people understand the history and culture of macau, Macao compatriots feel oneself and the close relationship of the motherland, to strengthen national pride and sense of belonging and cohesion.