Mentioned " oil painting gallery" three words, many people seem to still stay in "that is where the art

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Mentioned " oil painting gallery" three words, many people seem to still stay in "that is where the art", "high culture" such as impression. But can not be ignored is that in recent years, more and more people begin to entered the art gallery, treating it as a leisure a large place. Some family, some go alone, most interest due to the kill, bask in a rich sense of style picture again, smoke and gas of scrabble, indeed quite different... However, the emergence of these new phenomenon, the release of the new signal, does that mean gallery has "flying off"? Domestic art atmosphere has been formed? Many problems still need to be pressed.
Is the abundance of art market
Art museum, also known as the museum of art, is one of the museum. The gallery management in our country started very late. In 1986, the ministry of culture awarded "about art work provisional regulations, made clear the function of the museum and the relevant specification. That time, the domestic public art gallery building boom began, China art museum, Shanghai art oil painting reproductions museum, shenzhen art museum is regarded as more developed regions such as symbol of culture.
In the past 30 years, with the pace of urbanization in the domestic, the increase of the cultural soft power as well as a number of policies to encourage, gallery become more hot. In 2010, the ministry of culture on the implementation of the national art gallery development support plan, in October the same year, the ministry called nearly 30 gallery director to discuss private art gallery in the way of business. Is not only a public gallery, many private gallery also spring up. Especially in the recent 3 years, the number of the national gallery has doubled. So far, according to the ministry of culture, the national art gallery, a total of 418. Among them, Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, painting hangzhou four regional art gallery in quantity, scale and influence on leading the country.
It is worth mentioning that in 2011, the ministry of culture, ministry of finance issued opinions about free and open the national art gallery. Free experience greatly boosted the gallery visitors, strengthen the interaction of the ordinary people and museum of art.
, according to data from the national bureau of statistics of custom oil painting China in the first quarter of 2016 including venues and the museum of arts and culture services revenue growth of 25%. We also really can feel, you will more and more friends love up gallery exhibition, leisure. Mr Ackman spoke highly of Chinese contemporary art, thinks it has a strong vitality, culture is characterized by "mixed". "This kind of fusion of culture is very powerful, art gallery, should study it carefully, and make good use of."
Some people say that China's "gallery era" is coming.
Imbalance of regional development Gallery management problem
But in front of the gallery's golden age coming, the uneven regional development problems worthy of attention. And only the part public art galleries and private art gallery, it is difficult to establish and supporting domestic ecological gallery of art.
The ullens center for contemporary art
In our country, only first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai art gallery, enjoy the amount equivalent to that of developed countries, per capita average between 100000 and 200000 people enjoy a gallery. Even in economically developed zhejiang province, some places still not established municipal public gallery. The capital museum curator Guo Xiaoling pointed out that China needs at least 43000 new art galleries in the future, to be able to catch up with the international general level.
Museum of modern art, for example, this kind of art gallery into the domestic less than 20 years, the number of accounts for only 2% of the total national art museum of China, they are mainly concentrated in the first-tier cities. Which is nowadays the most popular galleries category, similar area around emerged in contemporary art, directly reflects the different parts of the people for the love of it. And art gallery, uneven development between regional let this contradiction is increasingly outstanding.
And even art gallery has already opened for business, under the management problem is difficult to continue to maintain. Industry thinks, about 40 people, art gallery, exhibition hall area of 4000 square meters, a year, including water and electricity, manpower, etc, operating costs around 20 million yuan. If you want to high quality exhibitions, the cost of shipping, insurance, import and export on the uncapped. And most of these expenses shall be borne by the gallery owner, high cash flow to be breathing.
Plus, private art gallery in the policy, tax incentives, access is limited by many aspects such as art foundation, make the management more difficult.
Although the national level have a "cultural development" policy, but private gallery is temporarily unable to be included in "culture industry", the identity of the private let these institutions is difficult to enjoy the capital support and preferential policy.
Nanjing sifang gallery manager lu said, MoMA in New York, guggenheim, Tate Gallery in the UK can be now, behind is a set of social system and policy support. Such as donation to the gallery by enterprises may be tax cuts, and considering the public gallery management, also can have preferential tax. This is not feasible in China.
Such as tariffs. Private art gallery, if you want to do high quality exhibitions, will involve work of imports, which means high margin. The Himalayan art gallery has held "Tony? Granite: Shanghai sculpture and painting exhibition", margin is as high as millions. Likewise, if the foreign party want to borrow works from private art gallery, also need to declare temporary export private art gallery, the deposit of up to forty percent of the value of the works. For financing area already tense gallery, this can cause enormous extra pressure.
Audience: how to make the public aesthetic education lack love shopping gallery?
At home, many art gallery exhibition just have crowded in on the opening day, and then disappeared, more difficult to win the good response. Indeed, on how the self-restraint, cultivating audience, art gallery, there are still many problems need to overcome.
In the west, the art museum has become a public place of lifelong education, offering to adjust body and mind, the opportunity to enjoy life. In the centre of the world's art, New York, more than 1000 art museum, gallery and nonprofit art institutions. Emerge in endlessly studio Open Day, festival, auctions, the art fair new yorkers schedule to fill in all the year round. Even our neighbor Japan, member of the ordinary people nap is often dating in the gallery. But in China is far from the artistic atmosphere. Not exaggeration to say that people's aesthetic education in our country, there is a big loss for art appreciation ability is restricted, not to mention the shopping gallery into habits. Today this situation, the absence of causal and art gallery.
Second avenue in Manhattan, opened the subway, people waiting for nearly a century, New York. At a cost of $4.5 billion. Of the metropolitan transportation authority planning by the department of art gallery "underground" main four world-class public installation art.
"Half a century, the art education of the profound misunderstanding makes the whole society believe that art school can do, bear, play all of the art education function, in fact, in addition to the academy of fine arts of our people, our society has almost no contact and benefited from the fine arts education resources and space." Chen thinks, see the picture, read the various cannot obtain the fine arts education, we must be entered the art gallery. "China's overall national quality, the whole quality of Chinese primary and middle school students and college students to get into this appearance, is the long absence gallery culture and art education, has long been ignored, and the problems of long-stalled. Gallery never belongs to the public, should be open to the public, undertake the education function. Art gallery is not only to appreciate art, and it is the super class, is a university."
But not so embarrassed, the domestic many art gallery, also don't have the ability to continue to develop the public aesthetic habits. Outsiders often criticised China's art gallery exhibition is not fine, lacking of quality, difficult to continue to attract the audience. Moreover, because of a shortage of upfront input, talents (national art museum of China is only five, six staff public education, is held each year hundreds of all kinds of activities), policy reasons, such as on the public aesthetic culture, art gallery is not yet for the perfect road.
Central academy of fine arts (weibo), Mr. Fan said the museum for free in 2011, domestic audience. In the past, more or professional audience and art lovers. People love the gallery as a scenic spot before, have been there once wouldn't go. Free after family audience and much younger audience, the audience structure change. But the art museum is in the audience incubation periods, the public also didn't get into the habit of go to art gallery, this also has the gap with the west. So we should improve the comprehensive service, want to tour, for artists to meet the public, this is also art galleries and other exhibition space difference.
How to let ordinary people occasionally for gallery exhibition behavior evolved into a cyclical life habit? Although there have been put forward through organizational and social guide way, let the audience and art gallery established a sense of belonging, such as creating art as the core of the culture center, into the workshop, experimental theater, etc. But if this is just a tap, not heavy to settle in the gallery scale rapid development in the process of making up to attract audience's core strength, keep improving in exhibitions and works, I'm afraid can't lure people into the hall. Domestic quality guaranteed, have their own brand image galleries are numbered. Currently only Beijing today art museum, Shanghai zendai museum of modern art, shenzhen OCT contemporary art center, etc. In the gallery after set up the brand image, to the public and art on the basis of this form is more extensive and close relationship

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