Lost dream,looking for a lost memories,Gao Bo oil painting exhibition

09/10/2013 21:05


Lost dream,looking for a lost memories,Gao Bo oil painting exhibition

Used to be a dream.
Gao Bo development give a vague, poetry, fiction, ethereal, blurred, score just perverse details and classical pieces, like puppets and props oil painting forgotten, abandoned in the way to sleep - through the fog in the twilight, a glimpse the history of the dead, acne, ufos, carefully, a bit hesitant, crossing the line, later, go does not belong to their own space and time. Although the way long, mark everywhere, still do not know this place is where. If the search for clues and source, they have their offer oil painting own source, must meet in a strange land. Stack memory, slightly fuzzy, sad even nothingness, and elegant finish.
In Gao Bo addicted to casually clearance of fictional pastoral scenery, also he is on his canvas to experience another kind of spirit, from lively eye-catching reverse and the reality of the game, like those who stand a piece of characters to chaos, like a bizarre history, both sinks down in the evening, is also open time labyrinth oil painting studio cave. Almost nothing, but still honest and credible. These parallel with us, interval, constantly flashing images though was silent, in addition to deviate from the direction and farsightedness is not sure, but he is a free channel. It seems that illusory Gao Bo is not the meaning for some painting style of love, but his life theme, compared with the real game of results, it is important to freely back and forth, for Gao Bo and our world.
When a



person is honest with his own soul, will eventually touch the real, in the ethereal Gao Bo new seems to gradually clear. This is not so much of the history of memory loss, is the beginning of the dream

middle and late of distinctive oil painting misty