Localization of contemporary Chinese oil painting, folk art how to reference?

04/05/2013 12:29

Localization of contemporary Chinese oil painting, folk art how to reference?

China's folk art origin, with distinctive national spirit and local characteristics, modeling unique, diverse, cultural implication, aesthetic concepts, and simple culture has five thousand years of Chinese civilization, is a bright one of the most important part of Chinese national culture and art.

Over the years, on the concept, composing style and skills, the creation of the western contemporary art deeply affect the Chinese painter, on the one hand, for building a new Chinese contemporary painting art form, on the other hand, also easy to lose its own cultural judgment and position. Especially after plenty of image resources cited in a foreign country, contemporary painting the face of the inevitable swayed by western painting, and even become subservient to the western contemporary painting and televsion. Embarrassed, we found that some western painting as a priori criteria, out of the painter of native culture have been dried up, and signs of poor meaning, skill, pale. At the same time, the worship of western painting for a long time and make the oil painting creation in a lack of local characteristics, the imitation of western painting as the supreme position, which greatly weaken the position of Chinese contemporary oil painting in the world.

The effective way to change this situation is to attach importance to traditional Chinese culture, from the traditional Chinese culture to find the source of creation and inspiration, the establishment conforms to local aesthetic standards, for Chinese modern oil painting a more accord with the law of development path. In fact, for the Chinese traditional inheritance and reference, as early as the beginning of the 20th century to the middle school is body, western learning for use "slogan is put forward, after a group of artists is also acting on explores. After the founding of the oil painting reproductions"nationalization" actually is the extension of the idea and practice is put forward, the Dong Xiwen "founding ceremony" is the masterpiece of oil painting "nationalization". In addition, some of the older painter also made various efforts and try. However, for mining and using of traditional culture elements is far from achieving a proper degree of dependence for western oil painting to weaken the spirit of what we should keep independent.

China YouHuaJie after thinking and practice in recent years, especially the end of last century in China at the turn of the century YouHuaJie once lifted about oil painting nationalization of increased the traditional culture, including folk art. Although on the definition of the nationalization of oil painting, different academic views, but from a certain extent, to create Chinese oil painting, especially the character of the Chinese oil painting, looking for Chinese oil painting native characteristics, promote the culture of Chinese oil painting, does play a positive role, and has already become world and art theorists actively face the proposition and reflection.

From the perspective of oil painting nationalization, for reference and use of traditional culture, has a variety of ways and means, and the absorption and transformation of folk art is one of them. In recent years, some of the artists began to consciously seek valuable part in the traditional image, looking from the Chinese traditional and folk art painting elements, use them. This is not only in the very great degree by getting rid of excessive westernization judgment error, at the same time for Chinese modern oil painting to find some new image resources.

Paper-cut, traditional patterns, batik, wood carving and other folk art forms, also began to become China's important performance element in oil painting creation, enrich the contemporary Chinese oil painting language, show the distinctive geographical features, at the same time also make part of the contemporary Chinese oil painting style from before is given priority to with western oil painting language gradually began to make the transition to localization. Turn in this form and the language is not a phenomenon which cannot be ignored in today's China, worthy of in-depth study oil painting workers.

Folk elements in Chinese contemporary oil painting, on the one hand, reflects the folk art strong vitality; On the other hand also reflects the Chinese contemporary artist under the impact of the globalization of reflection and consciously. In any era of history and art trend, the loss of the ethnic characteristics of artists and works become subservient to the foreign art and followers, this not only make the national culture by transformation of the weak position, still can let the ethnic artists lost confidence, such creation is also a lack of energy, of course. Contemporary painting in recent years, active and prosperity, not only benefit from the artist's widening horizons and active creative thinking, more thanks to Chinese artists for this national culture of respect and mining.

Chinese folk art, complete system, with strong visual penetration, and the influence of the regularity of Chinese traditional philosophy and concept, simple implicit moral as the main content, advocating symbolic color and adornment sex, not only in such aspects as pattern, color can provide reference for the contemporary Chinese oil painting and its artistic conception, artistic conception of such as the deep cultural connotation but also has the distinct local cultural characteristics, and the contemporary Chinese oil painting has strong complementary relationship. If can learn from traditional folk art contemporary elements in the schema and parse it, and then combined with the feature of modern oil painting form, grasp the inner aesthetic feelings of modern people, can be completely to the sustainable development of Chinese modern oil painting give new forms and meanings, so as to ultimately achieve the ideas and contemporary visual tension, have contemporary significance and national characteristics of Chinese oil painting art. Moreover, through the excavation of the folk art picture, help us understand the deeper connotation of national culture, which can update the concept of contemporary Chinese oil painting, enrich the oil painting language, cultural and social characteristics of contemporary Chinese oil painting. Contemporary Chinese oil painting, therefore, should be in follow under the premise of cultural and historical concept, to further explore color visual means, etc, on the basis of selective use of folk color features and aesthetic psychology, and reveal the colors convey external visual appearance and internal psychological effect, make the color style, has the qualities of Chinese native culture psychology and deep cultural concept are integrated, promoting the communion.

Contemporary oil painting for the absorption and use of folk art, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Under the current cultural environment, some painters, especially young painters of the folk art of rich culture, as a conservative and backward. In the current art education in colleges and universities, is also the traditional culture of neglect and lack of basic education, the more traditional folk heritage and development brings disadvantages. However, we also should see, the protection of traditional culture and excavate, has been on the agenda, the government rescue and protection of material and non-material culture has become to reshape a state policy of Chinese culture, the folk art of rescue and become an important part of mining. From point of view, of painting practice for traditional and folk elements in contemporary painting more tend to borrow on the concept of performance of the national traditional means; On techniques fully pay attention to traditional and folk art technique, the traditional elements have begun to highlight in the middle of the picture.

Folk art in the form of language and image representation is the essence of Chinese traditional culture for thousands of years, is a unique Chinese national symbol, and the contemporary Chinese oil painting is a precious source of inexhaustible. Folk art will become the contemporary Chinese oil painting nationalization and localization. Deep excavation and rational utilization of folk art, will help to realize the true sense of contemporary Chinese painting "chinese-style westernization", completed the integration of traditional culture and modern oil painting view.