Li Haihua figure oil painting: the art world of the emptiness of the world

14/05/2013 16:22


Li Haihua figure oil painting: the art world of the emptiness of the world

Po Po art network commentator? A hammer? Writing? Woman like water, like water of feelings, empty spirit temperate; The beauty of the water, clear jade-like stone embellish, touches the bottom of oil painting reproductions my heart. Through the ages, how many letters, and we will try to go to the beauty of a woman, or transformed into poetry is affectionate, gentle and delicate or magically change into paintings. Baby in Jane's character oil painting section, there are many excellent oil paintings of women, the famous contemporary artist Li Haihua works, is a flower a flower, beautiful and no affectation, empty spirit and do not break the source of life of art, they once Po Po art network launched, then draw a piece of praise and wholesale oil painting applause.

Russell, Taylor once said: "today, the painting as an ancient human behavior, what is the final home to return to it? Or, what are its raison d 'etre? I want to more is the continuation of traditional painting and the development.? I believe skilled, bolt images created by the truth." Li Haihua works is like this: follow the traditional portrait painting, on the basis of constant innovation and development, and individual affection into the works.

To hint of autumn wind blowing, skirt is placed, gently pass in girth, touch hair tip, blowing in my eyes, and finally turning into a spring of fresh slowly flow to the bottom of my heart. Woman, in the cheap oil painting autumn wind and on a dress, simple but elegant dignified and contains the breath of youth. Autumn wind blowing, leaves float in the sky, as if to ManWu woman looked up gently, sprinkle a ray of sun in my eyes, she subconsciously to keep out...? ... the wind, flying leaves, sunshine, and woman, to form a harmonious beauty. Bo baby Jane mall Li Haihua another character in the oil painting "Chen xiang" is full of the poetic and aesthetic feeling of emptiness. A beautiful woman comfortable lying in bed, sleeping quietly, white sheets and pajamas will set off women's skin more delicate, and beige monochrome background to make the picture looks more simple, simple but elegant, but also to a large extent adds to the whole picture of administrative levels feeling and stereo feeling. The woman in the nd is quiet, ease, the light slowly in the quiet beauty touched the hearts of every audience.

Li Haihua Po Po comments 】 【 works are sought after by many portrait painting bo treasure friends, I think this not just because of her excellent writing skills and carefully screen oil painting reproductions layout, more importantly, the frame more or less empty spilling the art of inspiration and sincere emotion. Such work, always in casual moment move to watch it.