Lee after painting book was opened, and his oil painting color range

05/05/2013 10:40

Lee after painting book was opened, and his oil painting color range

Hometown of landscape vegetation must be dense in everyone's complex inner life. Comfortable writing, sweeping brush, spray color piece of picture, this is the young painter li the visual experience. "Gazing at home - lee after new oil painting exhibition" opened yesterday in the Chinese art museum, more than 80 works make you unconsciously and entered the slice of familiar and unfamiliar land.

Lee is the native GuanZhongRen, love of homeland can glimpse from his paintings. Born in 1985 in shaanxi hua hin lee after studying oil painting department of xi 'an academy of fine art s in 2002 Chinese spirit studio, from xi 'an academy of fine arts in 2009, professor, vice President of the Han Baosheng is majoring in art master of painting. After li said: "I see home is quiet and the unity of the wild, specific environment has created unique regional culture, at the same time, the culture and deeply influenced my ideas." The works of the exhibition 'thick "huashan series", also have to show what the real life scenario "bazaar", and vigorous and resolute hometown trees...... These are artists in the life spirit of a new awareness and entrust. It is understood that the exhibition will last until April 24.