Landscape oil paintings, works appreciation of Yang Xiaodong peace of the country

14/05/2013 16:15


Landscape oil paintings, works appreciation of Yang Xiaodong peace of the country

Living in the cement forest city, rapid pace of life is very easy to let an oil painting person feel tired, in order to better life, everyone is forcing them to go more faster, it's a pity that people are not machines manufacturing, there is always tired, whenever this time, you will hear the sigh with emotion, there is an opportunity, must go out for a walk, looking for a beautiful place to have a rest. Also is so say, however, want to walk around the desire remains elusive.

Want to go out to relax wish is always so difficult to achieve, more oil painting reproductions and more people started from another aspect to satisfy their own desire, as long as careful observation, in modern society pay more and more attention to household decoration, more and more people are beginning to favour Yu Qingxin natural pastoral style, can't go out to a trip, it will be on live more time every day, let the home more has the flavor of nature. In this context, the wholesale oil painting premise of rural style of decorative painting began to boom.

Familiar with bo treasure hid friends all know, in a wide variety of art portrait painting treasure, the proportion of oil painting is very big, and the sales is the best, such a situation it is not difficult to see the love of art for people gradually heating up. In oil painting series exhibit bo baby Jane mall, landscape oil painting accounted for the proportion of quite a number of, watch carefully, make a person enchanted can always find work, or a painter of people the heart works, cooperating with Po Po outstanding painter Yang Xiaodong teacher, is one of them.

Is probably from nice people living in the countryside, the relationship between Yang Xiaodong is a highly individual character rural landscape painter, he was born in countryside, longer than the portrait painting countryside, nature give him a broad mind at the same time, also gave his keen observation and art high creative passion. He rural scenery series oil paintings exhibited in bo treasure, always beautiful, colour moderate, picture for the light in the finesse, better foil a quiet countryside soft unruffled atmosphere. Admire his village landscape, always easy to put down the heart troubles. Sunlight oil painting reproductions house fall, quietly flowing stream, the quiet beautiful, enough to let the viewer meditation rather god, forget the worldly distractions, return to natural, soothing oil paintings are very good. (Po Po art network commentator wrote 15)

Bo bo Po comments 】 【 treasure, said the expert introduction Yang Xiaodong every good painter has a deeper pursuit for art, not because of brilliant portrayal of the real content. Yang Xiaodong is no exception. Through long-term sketch with strict training, to the object of the pattern can not meet its artistic feeling comes from within, he would picture the spiritual connotation of expand, let its contained in the picture of the amount of information, the spirit and meaning is much greater than the object itself.