Influential traditional painting and calligraphy hot,modern oil painting encounter cold go unattended

07/10/2013 22:11


Influential traditional painting and calligraphy hot,modern oil painting encounter cold go unattended

Sponsored by the auction house in fujian province, the channel of metropolitan newspaper co-sponsored the spring auction 2006 on July 19 sunset mallet, full 803 clinch a deal the sale, the total turnover of 13.9755 million yuan, including their portrait painting calligraphy and painting special sell-through rate was 89%, and the best in the four auction.
All the highest
910000 yuan
The auction, contemporary painting special performance on 480 lots, sell-through rate of 69%, clinch a deal amount is 7.8028 million yuan; Special deal 192 lots of ancient painting and calligraphy, sell-through rate of 66%, clinch a deal custom oil painting amount is 3.6925 million yuan; Special and influential calligraphy and painting sell-through rate of 89%, clinch a deal amount is 1.6402 million yuan, 104 clinch a deal. Special oil painting watercolor clinch a deal amount, conversion rates and clinch a deal the oil painting reproductions quantity of 840000 yuan, 47%, and 27 respectively.
The items of lot 529 Huang Zhou "tajik folk" is a special performance in modern times, is also the   

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highest in the four special price, clinch a deal valence is 910000 yuan, 79 Huang Zhou another items, the xinjiang girl herding donkeys to clinch a deal valence is 360000 yuan. Ancient calligraphy and painting is the highest in the qing dynasty famous painter special price Jiang Tingxi 2 works, 1077, flowers and birds and 1078, "phoenix bird figure", clinch a deal valence is 200000 yuan and 700000 yuan respectively, there are five items of the purchase price in 100000 yuan of above.
Their calligraphy and painting
The highest 100000 yuan
The morning of July 19, is a special oil painting watercolor and their calligraphy and painting, from the scene, still, as always, attention and influential calligraphy and painting, and painting watercolor encountered expected "cold".
The 9:30 in the morning, special painting watercolor and attendance of about four or five, the atmosphere is relatively cold and cheerless, full-court clinchs a deal the highest is the items of lot 726 Chang Shuhong "dahlia, clinch a deal valence is 170000 yuan, but also higher than the opening bid 160000 yuan 160000 yuan only, is the only after two or three times for dropping the hammer to clinch a deal.
Auction house in fujian province Huang Guihua deputy general manager, told reporters that it is expected that this alternating scene has, in fact, Shanghai, guangzhou and other places in Beijing oil painting and Chinese painting has been basically is tied, but this is, after all, in fujian province, the first oil auction, therefore dismissed also is very normal thing.
Special and influential calligraphy and painting, a former fujian artists association, vice chairman of the famous painter Li Geng "the eight immortals map" clap a 100000 dollars, this is the highest price of the auction.14 picture taken on all, clinch a deal valence also continued the wall life of WengYiGuan grades, the items of lot 871 "lotus yuanyang" clinch a deal for $90000, higher than the opening bid for 40000 yuan.
Calligraphy auction bidding
Painting and calligraphy auction has always been a painting, calligraphy has always is in a state of a half red not purple, and in the 2006 spring auction, calligraphy more warmly received.
The items of lot 762 Zheng Xiaoxu the running script sector, CheFu approximately 0.77 square feet, reached 4000 yuan, the scene to participate in the bidding of collectors around a dozen people, plate lift, after several rounds of bidding, the final price is in 14000 yuan. 1142 He Shaoji "running script" is also a sector that started in 3000 yuan only, the final price is 19000 yuan.

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