In those days of impact of broad masses Bethune original oil painting to shoot

06/08/2013 21:02


In those days of impact of broad masses Bethune original oil painting to shoot
Have influenced a whole generation of famous painter XiaoFeng, Song Ren creation "Bethune" original painting, appeared in Shanghai yesterday.portrait painting This picture will be in the middle of December in Beijing "chengxin Chinese contemporary oil painting masters the original museum-quality" paintings of the auction, on December oil painting reproductions 6, 7, the new bakery located on the sea preview in Shanghai two days in advance. Oil painting Bethune is the painter XiaoFeng and Mrs Song Ren creation in 1973, the era. XiaoFeng painting creation, during the "cultural revolution" period, the national wholesale oil painting call to learn "old essay", MAO zedong's "commemoration" is a household name. Press, I hope this essay in the form of a painting to express the MAO zedong text content, custom oil painting and selected XiaoFeng and Song Ren to complete this writing task. XiaoFeng and Song Ren this painting, has published hundreds of thousands of, become education chart and the teaching material, has been adopted by some school textbooks and extremely widespread,handmade oil painting has wide influence among the masses. Over the years, XiaoFeng has put it in your side, this work into the auction, this is also the friend persuaded repeatedly, just coming out. It is understood that in the auction, there are quite a number of familiar historical cheap oil painting masterpieces, such as the portrait of young men ", Xu Kuang JinShangYi prints "do I trust you", "chairman MAO received red guards" and "Tibetan old man" and so on revolutionary history theme of oil painting masterpiece. In addition to a number of painter, such as luo zhongli "hug", Jiang Guofang "emperor" and so on more than the   

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father Mr Xu beihong's 1935, oil paintings but has not,that oil painting reproductions is to be a friend to the father oilpaintingwholesalefromchin oil painting you hua , B ,you hua ,had to oil paintings redraw a picture again, later named" the moon "." Source: the art newspaper.