He Duoling spring breeze blow to when?Oil painting and sculpture exhibition in ring brigitte hall gallery opening

18/10/2013 14:28


He Duoling spring breeze blow to when?Oil painting and sculpture exhibition in ring brigitte hall gallery opening

He Duoling January 18, 2008, 2007 New Year pictures of 10 new ring brigitte hall gallery in Beijing. This exhibition seemingly ordinary, actually you said today (Monday).
He Duoling in 1980 as the spring breeze has to blow through the whole of China. From the beginning, he was China's intellectuals system as he opened the people is a potential energy enough paintings the oppression and dusty custom oil painting emotion gate painter, his subtle and sensitive, his injury and monologue is like spring breeze blowing through the shenzhou families in China. "Spring breeze" as an era of heart stay in people's hearts. From a technical level, his "spring breeze has awakening" with "father", Chen luo zhongli Tibetan paintings etc together become the people of China new realism painting of the classic. In the cultural revolution of the breeze, catch up with the custom portrait painting good situation of restore the university entrance exam, he as a cultural revolution after the first batch of college students, He Duoling is typical of the kind in no before entering university is better than the teacher painting is one of good students, the period (77, 78) talent lined the sichuan academy of fine arts, that kind of learning momentum and competition consciousness of good style of study. That they later carved up in the form of wholesale oil painting bulk for half of China. From that time to today, "sichuan cuisine" in China fine arts formed a huge "evil", He Duoling is credited with pioneering the myths and lay the good tradition of one of the few characters. He Duoling ability is, in China as early as 1980 he cultural and arts world inside he laid a solid position.
Over the years, we have not forgotten him. For his every move, all these years of fine arts and media are interested in him. In new since one thousand, for example, because of his painting style, and turn his works and then with a somewhat similar to pop artist Mao Yan works also caught the attention of the people. Borrow this opportunity he exhibition in Beijing, I interview to he himself also asked such a question. His answer, for me, I think is satisfactory. An artist is able to



display his talents themselves, like what picture, I want to paint is how, this is the essence of an artist. He said: "if there is a common pursuit, common interests, as is likely. But this year I think don't like, background what is different, because the original had some things in common: like a virtual background, more cold color. Sometimes the pursuit of the same thing will be painted some of the same. I personally like Mao Yan painting." In a few minutes later, he get away from the various social parties, added: "like Mao Yan is a good thing, at least as good picture." That is to say, no matter how you draw, if you want to draw a good picture.
He Duoling new new paintings since one thousand compared with 80 s works, drawing completely different scenes and characters are not fine. However, these works with 80 of his works, I saw the similarities between them, is the character of the heart is the same. Regardless of his characters is just see girl of reform and opening up is today live in 30 years of reform and opening up, quick today's youth, they all have the same "spring breeze" wake up, that kind of hope and sorrow, a little sad and a glimmer of hope. Just, family, is the man who is looking forward to that time, and today they are more respect yourself heart and desire itself, more intimate and realistic, in their eyes or bottom provocation to The Times. Among these default and chief since our heart is hurt a little. Artists didn't leave the pulse of The Times, that is why, He Duoling today will also be able to win these use win the literary works of intellectuals to express the opinion of this era and insights that some people's attention. List some list of characters present today - film director jia zhangke, writer ge fei, the lead author of sanlian magazine shu wen, Peking University professor Xu Xiaoping, the editor of the journal philharmonic Liu Xuefeng, "new weekly" President Sun Mian, poet, critic Tang Xiao cross, ouyang rivers, poet ZhaiYongMing, "south weekend" names are written wy, writer Xu Xiao etc., the other is differ a list.
My only question is, there are more and more artists, there are more and more good artists in the "my hero has to be somebody" years, He Duoling this brother Isaac, how much they can get the opportunity? ! That is not the case, this time the He Duoling exhibition site, I was surprised, in such a remote place, in such a cold season exhibition, the exhibition scene was people mountain people sea. I want to understand one thing, in fact, the word says "thirty years hedong, thirty years in hexi", in fact, no matter how many star times, operatives appearance, intelligent hide tail quietly, came to the "master" advice. Because, in my opinion, for those who do art, to He Duoling exhibition site, are not see concept, I saw everyone in front of nose overforwardly into the picture and look up and down, the pictures look like! Which brings us back to everyone to look at the way the drawing on the art gallery. I think artists can let the audience into this appearance is very cow

guanzhong "shaoshan" will become the focus of most oil painting attention by oil painting collectors."



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