He Duoling seems destined to reverse trend towards the character by independent artists

07/11/2013 22:49


He Duoling seems destined to reverse trend towards the character by independent artists

Now, for example, in 2007, when everyone was drawing sequence, he began to go back for singles. When you conform to the trend and fashion concept drawing, he painted portraits, painted landscapes. When everyone is keen to use various methods to draw faces, and face the proportion of the painting, the greater the vision the painting more wide Angle and the draw the cartoon style more symbols when he was in the "2007 youth" in this important work, this just let dated turned, ass to replace the face. In my wedding portrait painting opinion, the painting of "turned" is likely to be a significant, perhaps decisive moment of aesthetics, it is a matter of poetic (or poetry), is a matter of confrontation (or compromise), is a matter of such writings (or to), is a matter of deep narrative (or light narrative). "Turned", He Duoling the decision here, similar to that of Beethoven's later life in the creation of the famous string quartet made a major decision: must be so? Not so. "Turned", if explore hidden behind the action of the ritual root, the earliest discourse can be traced back to the Greek philosopher Erasmus classics proverbs and published in 1516, the etiquette of the boys ", "a book published later, Erasmus think boys when doing indecent actions such as spitting, must be turned," if there were more honorable person present. If 1516 Erasmus type "turned" means the etiquette and respect, then, in 2007 He Duoling painted "turned", mainly for the sake of irony and offensive. "Turn around", four young men take off pants, show the young ass,pet portrait painting it's no big deal. Even without actually old urchin scorn eyes, use new youth's eyes to see, or use captious expert eyes to see, "2007 youth" is also a landmark work. I was so decided that, because it's handling of "turned", implied a subversive narrative transformation extremely. Previously, and the metaphors appear "turned" the nature of the action together, mainly, such as father far of figure, stale narrative, and usually the figure disappeared or they will end up in the morning mist, either into the evening light. But why do we need this about father, on the back of his narrative, why the nagging and sentimental narrative will be repeated after the revolution, even as a motif openly seeds appear in the problem of pseudo narration in the variant? Because the revolution need succession, national needs to be descendants of the dragon? Or because we need a father as a intermediary, in order to make our own become the world's warm orphans? For this, the "2007 youth" He Duoling held totally different with another kind of aesthetic standpoint and narrative strategies. Is also a "turned", but single said are replaced with plural, father is replaced by young people, figure is replaced by butt, shelter is replaced by exposure. Is also a "turned", in the narrative of dislocation of dissenting He Duoling what we see is the "2007 youth" in the bottom, they are careless pursed, carefree, al Jefferson sorry and also don't say. Such a revolutionary poetry, it is said to take off the take off, want to push out threw, degenerate, permeated with the youth and waste, exclusive of the 21st century new youth. Look at that be not a flower not fog, I am not his ass, neither pornography, nor porn; Neither narcissism, nor from the nue; Neither the feudal revolution. The muddy and ten position on the wing, can say is double offense He Duoling to self and the world, it mixed with the savage and grace, salute and profane, childish and pranks, and prick up middle finger deign to smile. In terms of offensive sociology narrative connotation, finger and push out butt in public (such as the premiership game site) to convey the same. Problem is that the "2007 youth" in the picture is not public! So, in my opinion, He Duoling offend others meaning: it is to offend "unmanned" and "nothing". He Duoling designed a paradox here: if we were watching "2007 youth" feel insulted, when we will be the "no" and "nothing". If we send this small paradox as a painter himself to our small gift, we could found that He Duoling offensive, to a great extent from the public to no one, from there to exist a kind of aesthetic span, rainbow, completed a mixture of sunshine and rain, completed from sociology to offend to offend of beauty "turned". And deep offend, containing a subtler, inexplicable sentiment. To understand, and therefore more precious. But language is not only a sentiment. Don't forget, we are in an age of revolution to the capital, everything is "turned" : confusion turn around. The past the good times turn around. Lyrics or accordion turned. The bitterness of the educated youth memory (that's a little sweet bitter) turn around. Turned to modernity. Success or failure, the American dream, made in China, turned one by one. "Youth" in the female educated youth also turned to sorrow. Secret from her face I read He Duoling self-portrait also turned himself. All the smiling face of all things turned, tears by suppressing and things

such as harmony, clarity, oil painting preciseness, universality and idealism. Because classical highly exalted ancient art, classic one oil painting word (" classical "or" classic ") is sometimes used to refer to one of the best oil paintings things of its kin