He Duoling 2007 year ten painting a picture is of rich connotation

07/11/2013 22:49


He Duoling 2007 year ten painting a picture is of rich connotation

He gave the picture a with the lasting appeal of polyphony name - "salute to frieda · carol: small zhai and tequila. In this work, He Duoling family portrait painting totally positive, returned to the past, the front of the poetic beauty of positive, the front of the superstructure. In such a positive dialectics, the Chinese female poet small zhai's face is almost in the shape of a Mexican painter frida in growth, according to measure knowledge pedigree, according to the similarity of spiritual outlook, pain and pain of the approximation, according to the second nature, and her dictionary meaning of tequila in growth. Baroque keyboard music counterpoint sometimes play a role in the shadow in the painting of the sonata form, for example, He Duoling understanding painting creation process as a play. He will freda intends to play a small zhai, will China play into Mexico, four Mexican dolls are playing their souls, see will comes out into the real world from the painting. Small zhai tequila behind him like a ideology, like an arm or a methodology, such as feeding live. And he himself should consider the question is: if freda sleepy deep in thought, if she is thirsty, like the gods human do? I think He Duoling began drawing small zhai, again after all these years in his honor at the same time, also to ask questions. Frieda's existence as a stealth,couple portrait painting on small zhai really so within reach. Obviously, He Duoling considering what is lost, what is left. Freda incarnations was every bit his paintings in small zhai face. This is the whole 2007 He Duoling put pen to paper, force the deepest, most are the most diligent a face, he is drawn with the two women autobiographical faces in the face: this is for the absolute words and art creation of a mental image. He Duoling will feelings drew in. Dark and deep, not only absolute and relative subtitles. And spectators can feel a kind of deep silence, the contrast of the black like a film, two women's inner dialogue in the depth of the thick darkness like tungsten filament

such as harmony, clarity, oil painting preciseness, universality and idealism. Because classical highly exalted ancient art, classic one oil painting word (" classical "or" classic ") is sometimes used to refer to one of the best oil paintings things of its kin