“Fusion and creation Ⅱ” 2010 famous academic invitational exhibition of Chinese oil painting-20

19/05/2013 11:23


“Fusion and creation Ⅱ” 2010 famous academic invitational exhibition of Chinese oil painting

Since the capital museum “fusion and creation - 2007 famous academic invitational exhibition of Chinese oil painting”, in the previous oil painting academic studies, painting influence on the basis of the integration and creation Ⅱ - 2011, the Chinese oil painting academic invitational exhibition of contemporary famous artists, the exhibition plan on April 23, 2011 was held on Chinese oil painting art gallery, the oil painting reproductions exhibition sponsored by the China oil painting institute. Exhibits designed to carry forward the national culture, the classics of Chinese contemporary oil painting, portrait painting artist, presents the modern oil painting artist in the exploration of oil painting language and art spirit which the efforts of the expression. The exhibition will consists of two parts, the opening ceremony, project seminar, will invite famous artists, critics and wholesale oil painting each big news media representatives attend the opening ceremony and the symposium, and the participating artists and works in case of contemporary oil painting development in-depth academic cheap oil painting research and discussion. Related media will be reported in detail, the exhibition works reflect the personality expression of oil painting art and paintings art spirit to a wider publicity.

In one hundred Chinese oil painting history, several generation of Chinese oil painting in the inheritance, innovation and fusion of western painting art work, into the national personality and individuality experience in the process of the artists themselves, to create a large number of excellent works, created a vivid artistic china oil painting image, they appeal to their age, appeal to our age, will also continue to the immortal artistic spirit affects the next time. Inheriting predecessors oil painting language expression, on the basis of connotation and aesthetic pursuit, we face new zeitgeist shift, in today’s modern trend and the trend of globalization, Chinese oil painting is facing more fierce collision of different culture, and create the modern oil painting colorful charm, form of contemporary Chinese painting art an unprecedented prosperous picture of reality. The exhibition is on the basis of this era and drawing conditions. Exhibition of contemporary Chinese oil paintings of various styles and genres, enough to show the contemporary oil painting to oil painting language expression, artistic spirit pursuit. Exhibition is the contemporary oil painting of a review, as well as in the pursuit of artistic beauty, kindness and truth of this oil painting age a convergence and expression of art spirit.

During the exhibition will also be a workshop about the present situation and the development prospect of Chinese oil painting. At the portrait painting appointed time, the organizers will invite famous artists and critics, collectors all over the country, and representatives of the media, and through the case study of the artists to work and the painting language form, categorize and organize to make perceptual and comment on his work. In addition, both at home and abroad well-known artists and critics willoil painting reproductions discuss the inheritance of Chinese oil painting history, integration and innovation of modern oil painting, the pursuit of artistic value and the future trend of the development of oil painting language.

The exhibition purposes, for artists and custom oil painting art critics show provide a different style, different pursuit of schools to inspire each other and communicate, draw lessons from the platform. For prominent contemporary oil painting language expression and artistic spirit pursuit of exploration and practice, cultivating contemporary painting art fusion of force and cohesion between different styles, for our country art people making canvas due contribution to the development of cultural undertakings. The exhibition tries to cover a diversified modern oil painting creation pattern, through demonstrating the influential works, reveal oil painting in the aesthetic force, make the public know artists on the individuality expression to explore further, and on aesthetic pursuit, in the cultural construction of meaning.

Exhibition will combine the various genres of Chinese contemporary oil painting, although each piece of painting language expression is different, but the higher ability of artistic expression and the representative position in modern oil painting development to explore, to make the exhibition will be affected by the public attention and love, in the painting language and aesthetic pursuit will bring a little bit of beauty to the public when reading experience and the spirit of joy.