Five recruit see digital oil painting is good,lest be deceived

24/06/2013 12:02


Five recruit see digital oil painting is good,lest be deceived

How to distinguish the quality and grade of digital oil painting, can from the following consideration:
1) digital oil painting packaging.
Digital oil painting box must have sufficient portrait painting hardness to ensure the long-distance transportation will not deformation.oil painting reproductions And packaging design printing must be beautiful, because a lot of wholesale oil painting people bought as a gift to send people.
2) a digital painting line draft.
Digital oil painting line draft is clear, whether handmade oil painting is exquisite, is easy to cover, line is fluent, and so on the reason directly custom oil painting affect the effect of each piece.
3) digital oil painting canvas
Digital oil painting products in the mainland just cheap oil painting development, belong to a new product, so a lot of manufacturers only notice when marketing your product for the selection of materials   

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 and ignore the quality, because digital paintings of consumer groups to the general public consumers, most consumers without painting skills and painting experience, if you choose the surface texture for rough canvas painting, oil painting will result in repeat depicting the same drawer position, otherwise it will show the white oil painting reproductions canvas, painting of consumers will increase the difficulty, so consumers in the process of choose the digital oil painting should choose the canvas surface is wholesale oil painting relatively smooth, this will save time in the painting, and oil painting pictures will be more smooth, the same with feeling!
4) digital oil painting frames
Interlaced like the hills, the choice of digital oil painting frame also has a lot of exquisite, should choose dry through the frame, because most handmade oil painting of the manufacturer of large size need consumers binding frame, if the frame is not dry, not binding assembled for a long time, will occur deformation phenomenon,china oil painting binding good frame will be better (small size) suggested that when the choice depends on whether dry wood.
5) digital  

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oil paints
Digital oil paints good or bad directly affect the effect of painting, so how to distinguish the stand or fall of pigment? The simplest way is to:
Draw a pen (a) the pigment after drying, good luster paint dry after glazing agent don't need light, digital painting quality is bad paint painting after no gloss glazing need to polish.
(2) with nose smell the digital oil painting pigments have peculiar smell, good acrylic paint is a smell of scent, not pungent smell or taste, hard to receive some of propylene is placed slightly longer time metamorphism occurs, there will be a pungent smell.
(3) good quality digital dry oil paints as a gel, hand dig like a rubber band elastic, bad quality of pigment can appear to block with hand dug powder after drying.
(4) good quality acrylic painting after irradiation will not occur change color in the sun, but the quality is bad of propylene will happen serious color fading.
(5) digital oil painting good quality acrylic the covering power of the same color will be better, coverage will be bigger, bad quality of propylene deep color can also be difficult to cover the base, coverage will be discounted.

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