Drawing childe digital oil painting manufacturer to recommend to you,Mona Lisa figure paintings

24/06/2013 11:19


Drawing childe digital oil painting manufacturer to recommend to you,Mona Lisa figure paintings.

Below is the diy oil painting products portrait painting introduction:
Digital oil painting specification: 30 * 40
Form a complete set of digital oil painting: oil painting reproductions exquisite packaging + solid wood frame + + environmental protection paint + high elastic cotton canvas nylon brush
Digital oil painting note: solid wood frame wholesale oil painting with the canvas has good binding, painting in the hang oh ~ link (free of charge)
The Mona Lisa painting original is now being put handmade oil painting in the world's largest art museum in France: the Louvre.
The Mona Lisa is the most familiar with is her smile. At that time, the Mona Lisa's youngest son had just died, she had been in sorrow and unhappy.custom oil painting In order to let the hostess happy, when leonardo Da Vinci painting come musicians and comedians, try their best to make she happy. Dignified and beautiful, after the completion cheap oil painting of the painting of Mona Lisa's face countless people ravished the mysterious smile. After the "Mona Lisa smile" refers to charming


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smile or mysterious smile.
Sometimes you will feel that she oil painting smiled refreshed gentleness, sometimes seem to be serious, sometimes like a slightly contain sadness, sometimes even show the ci and banter. In a painting, the light of the change not oil painting reproductions as different as in sculpture. But in the Mona Lisa's face, pale shadow, for her eyes to the lips with a layer of the veil.
Drawing childe digital oil painting factory, wholesale oil painting found that relative literatures was to have such a wonderful effect, mainly because the viewer to change the eye position. When people are looking at a face, most eyes focused on each other's eyes. If the central vision of people in the eyes of Mona Lisa,handmade oil painting less accurate peripheral vision will fall on her mouth. Due to the peripheral vision don't notice subtleties, virtually highlights the shadow of the zygomatic area. As a result, the radian of smile will appear more big. However, when the eyes look straight into china oil painting the mouth of the Mona Lisa, the central visual and cannot see the shadow.



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of course, hangs in the Louvre painting is an original, different versions from all walks of life.
Drawing childe digital oil painting recommended the Mona Lisa painting, picture layer brown tones, with a green hue, color simple and calm, simple and dignified. Simple vigorous hue and the characters of the calm spirit bring out the best in each other; Dark clothing, against the background of foil characters oilpaintingwholesalerfromchinaoilpaintingreproduc face oilpaintingreproductionand hands too loud oilpaintingwholesalerfromchin you hua bbbBoilpaintvvvoilpaintingwholesalerpaintingsvvvoilpaintingavvvoilpaintingabcdeuuuoilpaintingabcdeddddoilpaintand you hua moving; And even crack is added with mystery to people, let us appreciate her with more respect and inspiration.