digital painting brings business opportunities,lot of young people will be engaged in this industry

20/06/2013 19:05


digital painting brings business opportunities,lot of young people will be engaged in this industry

After the financial crisis spread to Russia, many people oil painting have been hit. In the middle of a pushtun, is a.
At that time the pushtun, has more than 40 from volgograd oil painting reproductions is a minor celebrity as a writer. Although his work is not many, but always can captivate the reader his story. Therefore. Magazines, publishers are very wholesale oil painting significant to the the payment, plus writers association has a fixed monthly salary, a pushtun, a day is plenty. But after the storm intensified, writers association to stop the feed, just daily to writer provides a free lunch. So always pampered writer tried to portrait painting find another way out,
Pushtun, depressed for a long time. It never rains but it pours, he resigned in after a month, from the lung disease, home savings has been handmade oil painting spent on 7788. Of such a pushtun, dispirited and discouraged, lie in bed all sigh. Wife is to stick to work and to take care of the youngest, busy in busy outside, pale custom oil painting face soon. Pushtun, see in the eye, painful in mind. But helpless, helpless.   

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On this day. His wife to the hospital, give a pushtun, brought a thick album, let him pass the time. Curiously, leaf through picture album, oil painting pushtun's in a good mood a lot. Pushtun are there in the picture album, childhood playmates portrait portraits, youth friends, has been to tourist attractions and the award ceremony photos,oil painting reproductions more important is he and his parents, wife and daughters, little drops of life. When a pushtun, a long time gaze that hold their mother in the old oil painting, a thought wholesale oil painting in the shine at the moment. Immediately, he forgot about the illness, barefoot in the ward: "I know what can I do! It must be a good idea!" Originally, pushtun, handmade oil painting think, memory is inherent in the human habits, "in the past years" can give a person spiritual comfort and relief, he want to do a "digital oil painting company" and let the ordinary people can draw oil painting!
"To have" Open Day ". After days, pushtun, try china oil painting various way to touch everywhere, fine l heart design. Less than half a year, his "diy oil painting shop just opened. The company is located in the  

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northwest of volgograd, small at first, people much. As more and more people visit, the company growing, successfully. Now, his company has covers an area of 100 hectares, employees are more than 2000 people
The "diy digital painting for people" is a picture of a beautiful masterpiece, masterpiece, let ordinary people can feel the digital oil painting brings the infinite fun and a sense of accomplishment!
Pushtun of "digital oil painting" since its establishment, many in the financial crisis, irritability, confusion and despair to different situations and experiences in diy production, to face life with a new faith. This is probably because of people in favor of it.

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