Digital oil painting,do painting by himself,art becomes simple

20/06/2013 19:11


Digital oil painting,do painting by himself,art becomes simple

Don't know the color, don't understand the portrait painting light and shade, and I've never studied art principle, still can draw oil painting and even the world. Now that originally seems to be good to be true, but it can dream come true.oil painting reproductions Recently, a kind of DIY (do it yourself) digital paintings popular shen, not only in the commodity market's popularity, also entered the upscale department store become chic gift choice.
Reporter saw, this is known as the "digital wholesale oil painting" according to the size of products, divided into three categories large, medium and small, in dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, there are two kinds of cardboard and canvas. handmade oil painting According to understand, the so-called digital oil painting is to point to by a special process will be the original paintings processed into lines and digit symbol, drawing again according to drawing instructions, depending on the digit symbol and order fill in custom oil painting colors on the drawing board. These processes sounds high, but is simple to operate. For example,   

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 a called "flowers and Alice" painting is broken into 29 kinds of color, on the drawing board is full of the contours of the picture above, dense oil painting with a different number. "Painting like fill in the blanks, don't need any skills, as long as the color of marked with a '1' to '1' in the space, the color of the '2' apply to '2' in oil painting reproductions the space. It doesn't matter even if fill in wrong color, because the pigment can be overridden to correct." Sales staff to reporters, while demonstrating how wholesale oil painting to DIY.
Diy digital painting, in short, the painting process is along with the drawing board with good paint to the specifications and Numbers, fill up a little. In addition to the whole process need to be focused and carefully, without any painting handmade oil painting basis of people also can finish the paintings. And once finished a painting, also don not see it is by the digital line drew out.
See on market at present, most of the digital oil painting is the scenery, cartoon and figure paintings, which especially in "sunflower", "Paris street open bar", "flowers and Alice", "star" and "Mona Lisa" painting popular all over the world.china oil painting Many buyers told reporters, thought that art is high reach, but through the digital paintings, found that average also be leonardo Da Vinci, and it will  

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draw paintings hanging at home by yourself when the decoration is particularly meaningful. Sales staff told reporters, digital oil painting is also very appropriate three-person family, a family of four, etc., or as a gift gift each other between the partners, because their production process is not complicated, we can hand in hand to complete, in cultivating ability of art appreciation and enhance each other's feelings.

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