Clinch a deal the active temperature significantly,Shanghai oil painting auction of enthusiasm

06/08/2013 21:06


Clinch a deal the active temperature significantly,Shanghai oil painting auction of enthusiasm
Although Shanghai is the birthplace of Chinese oil painting, oil painting is always the weakness of Shanghai art auction. But now the situation portrait painting is changing. The poly auction company with the Chinese oil painting boutique in Shanghai in one hundred to take after success, and several auction house to launch the category oil painting reproductions of Chinese oil painting, of which the Oriental countries take on 23, 24, launched this month oil painting is the most eye-catching, lots of works in the history of Chinese oil painting, such as liu haisu "naked women", the "man cave" and YanWenMu Pan Yuliang beam wholesale oil painting "sunny" and so on more than 70 works of art. It is reported, the appearance of liu haisu created in France in 1931 oil painting "the naked woman," is there a exact custom oil painting history works, is also a very important work in the fine arts creation. At that time, liu haisu first implements the mannequin sketches in the fine arts education, handmade oil painting came under attack, but he always adhere to the rigorous attitude towards art. The work sponsored by the Shanghai municipal government in 1932, "liu haisu swim the works exhibition" appearance, after a blockbuster. This work will be more than 2 million yuan. In addition,oil painting supplier wu guanzhong in the 1970 s in the creation of oil paintings to instill "" flowers" is also very interesting. Flourishing in full bloom the flowers of the painting depicts the fields, manifests the painter persistent pursuit of art, appraisal in the 320000-320000 yuan between. Life bumpy Li Qingping female painter works auction market in the mainland is extremely rare, "diving" is the painter's family to provide directly. And Pan Yuliang "man cave" was published China Taiwan's national museum, theme is rare, valued at RMB 18 to 250000. Recently, the oil painting auction market in Shanghai appeared more obvious signs of warming, clinch a deal the unexpected situation. Market analysts believe that the Chinese oil painting is only one hundred years of history, and hardships, the older generation of famous paintings only a very small amount. The stage of history paintings in addition to the artistic value, but also has important historical value. However, the Chinese oil painting a fake relative to the traditional Chinese painting collection easier introduction, also is advantageous to the oil painting market heating up. In addition, the recent spate of oil painting autumn sales, but also contribute to the rise of Shanghai oil painting the auction market.  (paper) more than the   

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father Mr Xu beihong's 1935, oil paintings but has not,that oil painting reproductions is to be a friend to the father oilpaintingwholesalefromchin oil painting you hua , B ,you hua ,had to oil paintings redraw a picture again, later named" the moon "." Source: the art newspaper.