Building of gith's oil painting is the dream of the Chinese artist ever

24/08/2013 13:29


Building of gith's oil painting is the dream of the Chinese artist ever
Make oil painting "burgess," dafen artist creative painting scroll painting complete works of the bible for up to 163 meters
Coming in second wenbo, buji dafen portrait painting artist Zhang Hengjiu told reporters that he was creating a picture of a 163 - meter - long painting complete works of the bible, impact on the world oil painting, oil painting "burgess," application.
According to Zhang Hengjiu, his oil painting reproductions scroll is fundamental key with the bible, completely out of the bible story, in time for the sequence of oil paintings, from genesis to revelation, cover the whole content of the custom portrait old testament and the new testament. Compared with the same kind of oil painting, has four characteristics: it is a long scroll, up to 163 meters, and most of the world; 2 it wholesale oil painting is the story together, there are about 398, covering the bible's famous allusions; Three is more characters, the preliminary design with thousands of people, the bible of the well-known figures, animals, fables protagonist has dabbled in; Four is a great custom oil painting project, all by Zhang Hengjiu one independently.
Currently, Zhang Hengjiu every day in his own painting room, from August last year to oil painting is now complete 50 meters, is expected next handmade oil painting year to complete the whole picture of all 163 meters, at the appointed time, he will shock the world as a China dafen painting painting record, and report the hand painted oil painting "burgess,", as the dafen again for honor. Qiaobao (shenzhen)
By jinan daily, poly, zhai gallery jointly organized the "one hundred China famous oil painting, watercolor, sketch - exhibition" will be launched cheap oil painting in shandong grand gallery in 20th of this month.
This exhibition will showcase including Li Tiefu, YanWenLiang, xu beihong, liu haisu, Lin Fengmian, sanyu, Pan Yuliang, wu guanzhong, JinShangYi, Chen, Chen has important influence on the Chinese oil painting art history of more than 120 famous works. The exhibition brings together so many famous boutique scale in our province.
It is understood that these famous works are now very rare, generally difficult to see on the market, and in some large art auction is "good catch". On April 8, sanyu creation of oil painting "the man in the" clinch a deal in Hong Kong for 29.8 million yuan, hit a record auction price of Chinese oil painting; And Chen, who died due to illness, the painting has also been supposed. These famous works are on display at one time, for the majority of art lovers, provides a rare view, appreciation and learning opportunity. (jinan times)

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